1 NOV 2015

Sal Sciarrino



Nature Enthusiast


Saving the future for all to see


Sal Sciarrino.  Recently one of I SEE SEA team members met Sal and had a chance to view some of his work.  The photos that we have seen are amazing!  Sal originally from Massapequa, New York.  Moved to South Florida in 1984 and now currently resides in the I SEE SEA home town of Pompano Beach, FL.  Sal, a licensed optician studied political science and anthropology at FAU.  Sal refers to himself as "A Pirate With A Camera".  Sal told us that he makes it his personal mission in photography to help people connect with nature and raise their awareness about the importance of conservation.  We can relate to that one Sal. Sal strives to illustrate the beauty of the Natural Florida that is often missed with the naked eye. Recently Sal donated a truly spectacular photo to I SEE SEA for our annual calendar.  The photo is of the Pompano Beach Pier with the Moon, Mars and Venus all in the shot.  Sal must have spent a lot of time to pull that one off.    

If your interested in viewing some of Sals work please click on the link below .......

Article by:
Michael J Culotta